Fly Fishing

Wason Ranch offers exclusive access to four miles of the Rio Grande, renowned for its exceptional catch-and-release trout fishing and diverse river habitats, enhanced by a comprehensive river restoration project.

The Rio Grande
On Wason Ranch

Wason Ranch boasts of 4 miles of private access on both sides of the Rio Grande.  The river, from the headwaters thirty miles upstream, to the town of South Fork, twenty miles downstream, offers incredible trout fishing for both rainbows and brown trout.  All fishing on Wason is catch and release fly fishing with artificial flies and barbless hooks mandatory.  Fishing for ranch guests only. 

In 2008 the Ranch completed the final phases of a massive river restoration project to create some of the best trout habitat in Colorado. See “Projects” for more details. The river is rich with aquatic insect life – and enjoys one of the most prolific Giant Salmon Fly hatches in June each year.  While the main stem of the river is still dominated by brown trout,  four separate “side channels” contain a higher population of rainbows.

From deep plunge pools, gravel bars, cut banks, classic riffles, or boulder laden runs, the four miles of river on Wason shows a little different character around each bend.  With massive stonefly, caddis, and various mayfly populations and the presence of hundreds of grasshoppers later in the summer, dry fly fishing is common practice at Wason.  Anglers interested in streamer fishing also enjoy great success dredging some of the deeper pools and cut banks.  Well maintained roads line the river all along the property making for easy access in 2 wheel drive vehicles.  A well stocked lake equipped with picnic tables, cook-out facilities, and a fire pit is also available.


In an effort to assure equitable access to the River we have established the following rules and regulations for River Fishing.
– There will be a rod fee of $100 per day per person for fly fishing on the RioGrande running through Wason Ranch.
– There is a maximum of 16 anglers on the River.
– Management may assign placement on the river from time to time.
– All Fishermen must have a valid Colorado fishing license. Ranch Guests and unaccompanied guests must register their Colorado fishing license with the Ranch manager.
– Ranch Guests and unaccompanied guests are required to notify the Manager where they will be fishing each day.
– Flyfishing-Casting a bubble and fly with a spinning rod is not flyfishing and is prohibited.
– Use of barbless and pinched barb hooks only.
– Catch & Release only in River-All fish must be released.
Lake Fishing:
– Fly fishing, spinfishing and bait fishing are allowed in the Lake with barbless hooks.
– Two fish may be kept from the lake.