Creede, Colorado

Experience the Beauty
and Stewardship of
Wason Ranch.

Wason Ranch

Wason Ranch is a historic and carefully restored property dedicated to sustainable agriculture, wildlife stewardship, and preserving its natural beauty.


Revitalizing Land and Community: The Wason Ranch Experience

Discover the unique charm of Wason Ranch, where sustainable cattle grazing and extensive land restoration efforts since 2003 have revitalized 1580 acres of vibrant ecosystems. Experience improved soil, water quality, and flourishing wildlife, all while supporting community initiatives like Project Healing Waters and the Repertory Theater. Visit Wason Ranch for a journey that blends natural beauty with a commitment to environmental stewardship and community enrichment.

Ranch House

The Wason Ranch house is a historic home, built in 1875 and beautifully restored. It features 5 bedrooms and 2 baths.

Riverside Cottages

The Riverside Cottages at Wason Ranch offer stunning views as they overlook the scenic Rio Grande River.

The Log Cabins

The Wason Ranch cabins are over 110 years old, retaining their original configuration while being modernized over the years.

Outreach & Projects

Environmental Restoration, Sustainable Grazing, and Community Support