12292941836 f7f89cf86bIn 2006, Wason completed the three year, 1 million dollar river restoration project.  Some of countrys  most well-known aquatic biologists, architects, and engineers helped design the improvements. Dave Rosgen, an internationally known trout stream hydrologist designed the restoration project, construction was completed by Dale Hockett of Elk River Construction Company.  While the river has always provided wonderful fishing, years of cattle grazing contributed to the gradual deterioration of trout habitat.  The restored river now boasts a deeper main channel as well as the introduction of thousands of boulders and tastefully implemented structures to improve both spawning habitat and predictable holding water.  The results have been astounding with fish size, quantity and health all dramatically improving with each annual survey conducted by Colorado Parks and Wildlife. The fishcount they performed in October of 2011 revealed an estimated population of almost 6000 quality brown trout over 15 inches. Biomass, the number of aquatic insects and trout population have increased exponentially since.